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Tianjin Haiyan wire and cable manufacturing Co. due to the expansion of production scale, is the special community to recruit talents, the fresh, the previous state of the undergraduate, college graduates priority, the priority field accounts, company agreed to provide free accommodation, and talents to provide a broad space for development.
In December 27, 2009, Tianjin Haiyan wire and cable manufacturing Co. Ltd. held "in Jin Luan Hotel Tianjin 2009 annual work and pull together to resist the cold of winter, the national customer strategy seminar".
The chairman Zhao Rongfang:A listen to older workers, have business to old comrade thank, very touched, sickness and death, for 43 years, experienced be poor and blank.Dilemma, experienced difficulties become an independent school, in trouble right now, to be proud of. 100 years is a vision, perseverance,How many generations of hard work with such an enterprise, female workers are to be 35 years, we see Liang Jinping cry, all have feelings,In this farewell, really heart not. Thank you. I sincerely wish our HaiYan's tomorrow will be better!
At present, the cable industry used to be flame retardant (FireRetardant), low smoke zero halogen (LowSmokeHalogenFree, LSOH) or low smoke and low halogen (LowSmokeFume, LSF), fire (FireResistant), cable has fireproof performance are collectively referred to as the fireproof cable.
Flowers in May, the youth. The 91 anniversary of the "five four" to commemorate the great movement. In May 9, 2010, Haiyan wire & cable company organization of young employees and middle shaft visited Zhou Deng memorial hall, learning the scientific outlook on development, Miss Zhou Enlai Deng Yingchao valiant record.
The afternoon of January 14, 2011, in a conference room 3 Building Industrial Company factory held a Haiyan wire and cable manufacturing Co. Ltd. the fifth general meeting of shareholders, will be elected a new session of the board of directors and supervisors, and at the same time, the conference also to all shareholders of a questionnaire about the petrel's future development, everyone agreed that the next few years Haiyan to accelerate the development of.
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