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Company introduction

Company introduction

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  • Time of issue:2021-11-29 21:53:55
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Tianjin Haiyan wire and cable manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the fifth street in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone No. 11, power cable factory is located in Dongli District, Tianjin city, Jinqiao industrial park. Our company was established in 1966, plant construction area of 10000 square meters, the total assets of about 80000000 yuan, annual production capacity of 500000000 yuan, belonging to Tianjin reclamation group corporation.

Our company since 2000 for the restructuring of joint-stock limited company, "quality, integrity to swallow" is the vision of enterprise development, to the quality and credibility to win customers. The company has been rapid development, cable products currently can produce nearly ten kinds of thousands of kinds of specifications, including the power cable, control cable, construction and electrical installation of electric wire and cable, RF coaxial cable and other products. At the same time, the new developed a variety of special cable including environmental protection non-toxic wire series, refractory series cable, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, resistance wire, heating, sensing series wire, cable and Internet of things light-current telephone line, UTP five cable, six cable television, RF cable, audio cable, shielded wire, German standard and the standard American Standard UL thin wire, electronic wire, the company R & D electron accelerator irradiation crosslinking environment-friendly cable project of Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission subsidized loans to support.

Our company guarantees the system and management innovation ability as well as the forefront of occupation health and environmental protection on the walk in the same industry in quality. In 1987 the first through the national Electrotechnical Commission safety certification; in 1991 won the "National Quality Award in the national credit rating in the wire and cable". In 2002 the first through the national "3C" certification; 2007 through the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification and ISO14001:2004 environment system certification through the United States UL cable product certification. The cable products obtained national production license and OHSAS18001:2007 occupation health and safety certification 2011-2012, and obtained 10 national patents of utility model.

Company name: Tianjin City Electric Wire & cable manufacturing company limited address: telephone: 022-25328986
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